what the fuck do I keep doing wrong to lose people?

20.Oct.14 40 minutes ago


don’t get involved with me if:

  • you can’t deal with my depression. 
    - i can’t control how i feel. the happiness you bring me doesn’t cure anything.
  • you can’t deal with my anxiety.
    - my anxiety takes over my life and i am sorry i put you through it.
  • you can’t deal with my mood swings.
    - my depression & anxiety bring out the worst in me. i’ll be perfectly fine one second, and then i’ll in misery the next.

    i am sorry.

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20.Oct.14 2 hours ago

or you can be extremely immature when I did absolutely nothing wrong

20.Oct.14 3 hours ago

god you’re being such a bitch for absolutely no reason like for fucks sake grow up

20.Oct.14 7 hours ago


shout out to my parents for combining their genes to create the most unattractive, weird, annoying and awkward person ever

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19.Oct.14 1 day ago